Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Church History: Giving Public Theology Memory - Convocation video

The study of the churches' histories not only grounds our current experience in the traditions and stories of the past but also helps to find new applications for old solutions to issues facing the church today.Participants will hear about how the very latest historical research has an impact on ministry in today's church and world, and they will have opportunity to ask their teachers any question they want. Watch this convocation with LTSP church history faculty presenting on an area of special interest:

Prof. Kiran Sebastian: "Three Reasons Why Cyprian Will Change Your Ministry"

Prof. Philip Krey: "How Augustine Helps Me Interpret the Bible"

Prof. Timothy Wengert: "Philip Melanchthon's Enormous Ecumenical Error and How We Fixed It"

Prof. Jon Pahl: "Speaking Truth to (American) Power in Love"

Prof. Karl Krueger: "Don't Burn the Books of the Bible!"

Prof. David Grafton: "What Say You of Muhammad?"

presented Tuesday, November 16, 2010

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